Hi, guys!

I created this space here on my website, to explain something I created here in Brazil, in 2017, when I started my own cut files company: template for easy customization in cutting files. 

Here in my country, Brazil, this way of working with files has gained a lot of space. 

That's why I'm arriving at the silhouette design store, bringing this feature with me to my work and I hope you like it and enjoy it a lot.

I would also like to apologize for any possible error in my English, I promise that I am studying to improve this.

So here we go:

What is this template for easy customization in cut files?
This template is the cut file itself, redesigned in separate parts, so you can apply different colors and patterns wherever you want.

In addition to the template, it also accompanies the file, a part we call safety margin. This safety margin that can have the same attributes as the file, so that at the time of cutting, there are no apparent defects.

Let's see in practice how it works?

Important note: the vast majority of our 3D cut files are this way, with an easy-to-customize template. We use a specific file to record instructions, but they work the same way, following the same line.

You will receive our files this way:


You can work with this template, applying different colors, like the example below:

You can also work by applying different patterns to your project.

In the case of patterns, we can use the safety margin as the application base, and then centralize the cutting file.

Remember to disable template clipping. According to the video, the file has a margin that will protect the cut from apparent flaws, in case it cuts a little crookedly.

A nice tip: the patterns can be resized, and the faces of the file can be merged if you want a continuous result in the file.

Another nice tip: we can use the template to create something like: inner borders, to give a special touch to the design.

Hope you like it and enjoy!